Body Machinery
da Vinci drawing adapted by Ashley Davidoff


The Common Vein Copyright 2007

The following module represents an introductory context to physiology and biological function and is intended to be a foundation pattern for the function of the organs as they evolve.  We ahve already explored some of these principles as we initiated the concept of biological principles. We will advance the concepts of the type of forces and orderly  interactions that occur between organs, tissues and cells since physiology is really about changing one form of energy or force into another so that the energy can be used for survival and growth.

Therereafter we will introduce a basic pattern of how the biological units handle the different energy sources they function with and will note that they have to first have a mechanism to receive, and then to process, and finally to export the products at hand.

Lastly we will introduce the basic functions that each organism or biological unit needs in order to survive and be useful to the organism.  They include

specialised function

control system








Pump Action

49483b01 heart cardiac LV left ventricle aorta aortic systemic circulation capillary capillaries arterioles venules right atrium RA right ventricle RV normal physiology pressures hemodynamics Davidoff MD Davidoff art

Chemical Forces

Sodium Potassium Pump Mechanism in the Transmission of a Nerve Impulse

72045b04.800 nerve conduction force electricity electric force positive force negative force sodium pump Na pump Patassium pump K+ pump diffusion conduction of impulses Davidoff drawing Davidoff art Davidoff MD

Electrical Forces

EKG – Electrical Activity of the Heart

71679 heart cardiac electrical activity electricity force p wave QRS complex STsegment T wave normal EKG Laboratory Davidoff MD


Chewing Carbohydrates with Chemical Action of Amylase results in Glucose Availability

62306b05p.800 food carbohydrates dessert almonds nuts blueberry blueberries chocolate chewing mastication amylase chemical forces breakdown enzyme catabolism glucose Davidoff art Davidpff photography Davidoff MD

Receive Process and Export

Presynaptic junction produces and exports its product which the and post synaptic junction receives and is affected by

72046.800 mitochondria transmitter vesicles presynaptic terminal post synaptic terminal soma of neuron synaptic cleft acetyl choline norepinephrine dopamine serotonin forces chemical energy function principles Davidoff art Davidoff drawing Davidoff MD

Specialized Function – Master Control System

Brain – Specialised Function – Control System

14798b08.800 brain anatomy physiology cerebrum cerebral autonomic nervous system central nervous system peripheral nervous system eyes ears mouth nose taste sight heart cardiovascular system respiratoty system lungs gastrointestinal system liver pancreas kidney spleen adrenals gentourinary system genitalia normal anatomy davidoff art TCV the common vein


Transport Systems in the Body

32369 tube colon small bowel lung bronchus bronchi esophagus stomach large bowel bile duct ureter brain liver urinary bladder heart cardiac artery arteries arterial system veins venous system tube principles Davidoff art Courtesy Ashley Davidoff MD


Protective Systems  Macrophage and Bony Thoracic Cage

71680b02.800 reticuloendothelial system macrophage cell protection immune scavenger leukocyte white cell Davidoff art Davidoff MD normal cytology

49640 bone rib thoracic spine spinous processes scapula protection support CTscan volume rendering Davidoff MD


Fat Storage

49671c01 abdomen fat adipose tissue storage rotund belly umbilicus belly button surface rendring CTscan Davidoff MD


Femur – From Fetus to Adulthood

48395c01 bone femur femoral length fetus adult age aaging time growth normal Davidoff MD


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